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Welcome to Bilingual Political Voice Over, the ultimate destination for high-quality audio and content production for the Latino USA community. We are a Latino owned production house that specializes in creating powerful and persuasive political voice over in both English and Spanish. Whether you need a voice over for a political ad, a documentary, a podcast, or any other project, we have the perfect voice for you.

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About Jessicat

Jessicat is an award-winning bilingual Political Voice Over with over 14 years of experience providing broadcast-quality Political Voice Over services in both English and Spanish. Jessicat is dedicated to helping you tell your story in a way that connects with your target audience, specializing in presenting a tone that resonates with the Latino audience in the United States.

Jessicat offers quick turnaround times for last-minute productions because of its excellent broadcast-quality studio and direct session capacity. Jessicat has the talents and expertise to produce an audio experience that will exceed your expectations, whether you require a Political Voice Over for a radio or television advertisement, a documentary style read to tell your candidate’s narrative, or any other project.

Jessicat can provide voice-overs in both English and Spanish as a bilingual voice actor, ensuring that your message reaches a wider audience. Jessicat is the best choice for anyone looking for a professional, bilingual Political Voice Over who can give great results. She has a passion for the art of voice acting and a commitment to excellence.

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About Jorge Infante Jr.

Jorge is a SAG-AFTRA, Full-Time, neutral Spanish Political Voice Over actor, English with accent, young, energetic, ranging from 20’s – 40’s. Voice actor, real person, conversational, trustworthy, friendly, believable, character and cartoon voices, able to follow direction well and fast in the studio. Very good with multiple voice interaction.

Born in Monterrey N.L. México, Jorge Infante Jr., started his professional career as a Spanish Political Voice Over in 1992. He has extensive experience in voice-over, as well as serving as on-camera talent.  His Spanish voice-over accomplishments include many National Hispanic commercial campaigns including Dunkin Donuts, Cricket Communications, Twix, McDonald’s, Claritin, Toyota and Comcast among others.

Since 1988, Jorge as a professional sound engineer has produced hundreds of radio/television commercials.  For the movies, he has recorded ADRs, created sound design and mixed full length features in 5.1 surround sound. 
ADR creditsmore Credits.

Jorge brings professionalism, technical knowledge, effectiveness and quality to your production.

About Jhoana Nichols

I am the voice you are looking for. With more than 15 years of experience in the Hispanic and American markets, I bring forth a lifelong true passion for performance, making your ideas come to life through powerful voice-over work. ¡Turnaround guaranteed within 24 hours!

I can work in a wide voice range. I am the voice behind great ideas playing multiple parts in a variety of animations, commercials, radio and TV shows, E-learning, and audiobooks for a stellar source of entertainment in Spanish, AND GUESS WHAT? I am FREE to work on your project, RIGHT NOW.

I have a clear voice and can use various tones, accents, and emotions to properly convey material.

I am a creative writer who generates content that responds to client requirements, with voices, narration, sound effects, and advertising scripts to ensure production value and target audience satisfaction.

Are you interested, let’s talk and build something great and creative together.

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