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Why run political ads in Spanish or both Spanish and English?

Running political advertisements in Spanish or bilingual (also known as Hispanic voice overs) can be an effective way to reach a huge and influential group. Bilingual Voice Overs can assist candidates engage and connect with the Latino population in a more meaningful and successful way, with over 60 million Hispanics or Latinos in the United States, many of whom are more comfortable with and attentive to political messages delivered in their own tongue.

Candidates can demonstrate their respect and knowledge for the community, as well as create trust and connection with Hispanic voters, by running political advertising in Spanish or bilingually. This can lead to increased involvement and support, allowing candidates to acquire a competitive advantage in elections.

Furthermore, political advertisements broadcast in Spanish or bilingual can sometimes offer a more effective and emotional message. Messages presented in a person’s native language have a deeper and more effective impact, making it a very effective marketing tool.

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We have 14 years of experience, and our award-winning voice actor can produce a Latino-friendly tone in both English and Spanish. So, if you want to reach out to the Latino population with your political message, contact us immediately to learn how our Bilingual Voice Overs and Hispanic Voice Overs services may assist.